Kérastase Paris, the world’s leading exclusive luxury haircare treatment line, found its way to Studio City, California for the first time. Capella Salon is proud to be the only home for Kérastase in Studio City. It arrived at the American shores in May 1999. At a time when the American consumer was gravitating toward virtual places of calm and serenity, Kérastase Paris arrived in salons with a unique approach to haircare, one that demonstrated both a passion for beauty and a commitment to well being.

Kérastase is the worldwide leader in professional luxury haircare. It is the most innovative premium quality, in-salon treatments and home-care products. Kérastase is affiliated with the top 1% of U.S. salon base and is available in 45 countries.

Since its inception, Kérastase Paris has placed technology at the forefront of the beauty industry and each product launch is the result of a cosmetic technological advance developed by La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal.

Following the launch of the Nutritive, Resistance, Soleil and Dermo-Calm ranges Kérastase quickly became the darling of the beauty editors and the must-have beauty item among Hollywood’s leading ladies. Prominent mentions touting Kérastase’s treatment benefits have appeared in Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, W and LUCKY. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing and Naomi Watts are all known to be devotées of the line. In 2004, In Style awarded 6 of their prestigious Best Beauty Buy awards to Kérastase!

Since January 2005, Kérastase has formed an alliance with Dress for Success, a not-for-profit organization with the mission statement to help low-income women make tailored transitions into the workforce. From suiting women in appropriate interview suits to career development, Dress for Success helps low-income women gain confidence and independence. With the introduction of Gelée De Soin, Kérastase Paris has committed to donate one third of all proceeds from sales of this product to Dress for Success.

Since 1964, Kérastase has been creating new haircare services founded on their most advanced formulas and subsequently its best performing products. A real ART OF CARE which is dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the hair, based on 3 essential values: Performance, your hairdresser's Expertise Personalisation.

Since its creation, L'Oréal Advanced Research has selected its most advanced technology for the Kérastase Collection. Kérastase products are innovative, include advanced ingredients, unique formulae and are products that women aspire to to care for and enhance the natural beauty of their hair.

A Kérastase Consultant hairdresser will select the in-salon programme best suited to your hair-type and will also recommend your personalised home-care programm. Your styist has the expertise to create a relaxing in-salon Kérastase Experience. The Kérastase Collection includes products which are dedicated for Professional use only.

Each woman is unique; each hair type has its own particular needs; for these reasons Kérastase has developed a collection of personalised haircare products. A collection of Hair Baths which contain varying degrees of nutrition, followed by « Masquintense » which has 2 options depending on the thickness of the hair, each of these products offers a personalised and effective care for the hair.

Women have new expectations in the kind of service they receive. Many women aspire to the ultimate in Luxury; they aspire to the sensorial Kérastase In-Salon Ritual, where the client is the centre of attention, where she is emersed in an ambiance which is in synergy with beauty and a sense of well-being.
Caring for the hair is important to the Kérastase Consumer; it has an impact on his/her general feeling of well-being. Classical and modern, audacious yet not provocative, aspirational without being inaccessible.

A complete personalised haircare service is offered in a Kérastase Consultant salon thanks to the advice of a qualified Kérastase Consultant hairdresser. A unique sensory experience; a true moment of relaxation where you will be exposed to evocative textures and delicate fragrances, products which awaken the senses, for an ultimate moment of well-being.
Nourishing Rituels - restores natural balance to the hair, bringing renewed shine, vitality and protection.
1.  Aqua-Oleum Nourishing rituel for normal to dry and / or sensitized hair. Dry hair is left shiny, silky, light and smooth. Excellent after color treatment to nurture and rebalance the hair. Color is vibrant.
2. Masquintense - Nourishing rituel for dry to very dry and / or sensitized hair. Very dry hair is conditioned, easily detangled, smooth, silky and shiny.
3. Oléo - Relax Masque - Smoothing rituel for dry, frizzy, rebellious hair that is deeply nourished, soft, supple and shiny with long-lasting frizz protection.

Cure d'Elasticité - Elasticity rituel for dry to very dry curly hair, providing curl softness, definition, shine and renewed bounce.

5. Reflection- delicate perfumes, melting textures and sensual massages. Entrust your hair into the expert hands of a Capella Salon Kérastase stylist who will visibly transform the texture of your hair revealing mirror like radiance.

Inspired by the textiles industry, the fibronic system is a unique technology which is being used for the first time in the cosmetics industry. Ionised micro polymers weave a micro-mesh around the hair fiber. The surface of the hair is restored and the hair is left feeling smooth from root to tip. This unique technology allows optimum light reflection and mirror like radiance whilst protecting the hair.

with its mirror like surface the hair reflects light, producing an instant and long-lasting shine.

Effects on Color:
-Instant Shine
-Long Lasting Shine
-Boosts Color
-Complete protection for colored hair

Reconstructing Rituels - fortifies the hair strand from within, restoring strength and elasticity to Weakened or Very Weakened Hair and deposits itself in the hair strand wherever the hair's natural intercellular cement has been depleted, by "filling in the cracks" of weakened hair, the internal structure of the hair is fortified and strengthened.
1. Injection de Force - Strengthening rituel for very weakened hair. It reinforces the hair with significant improvement.
2. Concentré Vita-Ciment - fortifying rituel for weakened hair increasing its resistance. Hair is left feeling more substantial, shiny, and easy to detangle.
3. Injection de Force + Concentré - Reinforcing rituel for very weakened, damaged hair.
4. Age Recharge Masque - Firming rituel for brittle, devitalized hair creating an appearance of younger looking hair with more radiance and vitality. Hair fiber is smoother, shinier, more substantial and feels firmer to the touch.
Color Radiance Rituels -  the surface of the hair is restored and the hair  is left feeling smooth from root to tip. This unique technology allows optimum light reflection and mirror like radiance whilst protecting the hair.


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